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THY Precision, OEM, Micro Molding, Micro Medical Parts, Chamber Filter 

Inquiry Art. № 00005121
Brand THY Precision
Availability By order
Condition New
Country of Origin Taiwan
Guarantee By arrangement
GEO Orientation of the Offer OCEANIA, AMERICA, EUROPE , as well as  Swaziland

Detailed Description of the Offer

At THY Precision we understand that molding for the medical industry requires the highest levels of repeatability, accuracy and quality. We are prepared to satisfy our medical clients' exacting needs. Medical device qualification ISO 13485 certified and injection clean room to ensure high and steady quality production in our factory. We support highest quality medical grade plastic injection molded components, insert molding technology to meet customer requirements. CNC equipment enables manufacturing high quality, precise medical devices and components. As the medical field demands smaller and smaller sizes, it is our goal to continue to provide a wide range of minimally invasive micro medical components. We specialize in plastic medical devices including chamber filters, dialyzer filters, caps and pump connectors, intravenous infusion drip components, bacteria filters, laboratory consumables, etc. THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd. ✎ATTN: Ms. Sharon Kao ✉E-mail: ➤➤➤Website:

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Basic Information

Company Name THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
Company Location No.107, Zhongzheng Rd., Puyan Village, Puyan Township, 516, Changhua, Taiwan, Taiwan
Business Types Production, Export, OEM Service Offered
Offered Products Injection Molded Parts, Micro electronics Parts, Micro Medical Parts, Micro Mold, Micro Molding, Micro Optics Parts, Micro Plastic Injection Mold, Micro plastic molding
Offered Services Custom Plastic Injection Molding, High Precision Plastic Injection, High Precision Plastic Injection Manufacturer, Micro Mold Design, Micro Mold Manufacturing, Plastic Injection Micro Moulding, Plastic Injection Molded Components, plastic Micro Manufacturing mold
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Publication Date
June 15, 2020

Update Date
July 14, 2020

Date of expiry
December 13, 2020
Time Left: 10d.