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THY Precision - Lens Carriers, Lens Barrel, Lens Holder, Optics Parts 

Inquiry Art. № 00005095
Brand THY Precision
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Condition New
GEO Orientation of the Offer OCEANIA, AMERICA, EUROPE , as well as  Swaziland

Detailed Description of the Offer

LED Light Beams / Lens Holder / Lens Barrel / Lens Spacer / Lens Retainer/ Opto Mouse Lens / Transparent Parts Recommended Material: PC, LCP ​THY Precision produce our micro-sized plastic components at μm unit. Our products are made with high quality materials and advanced mechanical technology and are suitable for use in contemporary design prototyping and in miniaturization styles. Acknowledged for high efficiency and long functional life, they are widely used in various microelectronic parts in devices such as the digital cameras, cell phone cameras, webcams, camcorders and security cameras. Each Specific Design for any given application is developed in strict compliance with the prevailing industry standards, and is capable of rendering years of efficient service. The Manufacturing Process for our products is done with the best machines, such as All Electric Injection Molding Machine, and under strict inspections, and thus our products are among the best quality level worldwide with an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. When it comes to plastic micro-size parts, we are well accustomed to volume such parts and mold complex micro-sized electronics components for our clients' various purposes. ​ We have embedded an injection clean room (class 10,000) to manufacture micro electronics parts. Our main products are featuring in micro sizes including consumer electronics, micro connectors and other micro-sized electronics parts. Our expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive range of Micro Electronics Component, which was developed to comply with International Quality Standards. These products are made of high quality material, which enables it to perform better and last longer. Due to their impeccable quality and brilliant performance, our products are highly valued in the quality cautious market. THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.  ✎ATTN: Ms. Sharon Kao ✉E-mail: ➤➤➤Website:

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led light beams, lens barrel, lens carriers, lens hodler, lens retainer, optical mouse lens, optics parts, transparent parts

Basic Information

Company Name THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
Company Location No.107, Zhongzheng Rd., Puyan Village, Puyan Township, 516, Changhua, Taiwan, Taiwan
Business Types Production, Export, OEM Service Offered
Offered Products Micro Automotive Parts, Micro Medical Parts, Micro Mold, Micro Molding, Micro Optics Parts, Micro Plastic Injection Mold, Microelectronics Parts
Offered Services Micro Mold Design, Micro Mold Manufacturing
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Publication Date
April 1, 2020

Update Date
April 9, 2020

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September 28, 2020
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