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THY Precision - Automotive parts, bicycle part, auto part mold makiing 

Inquiry Art. № 00005098
Brand THY Precision
Availability By order
Condition New
GEO Orientation of the Offer OCEANIA, AMERICA, EUROPE , as well as  Swaziland

Detailed Description of the Offer

THY Precision also provides our services into automobile industries. With our knowledge and experiences, we are capable of manufacturing precision automobile plastic components. At the same time, equipped with the latest facilities, we are able to fabricate precision automobile spare parts and CNC bike parts, such as micro motors, interior parts and components, Fuel System Components and according to customers’ requests. Because of the high technique we embedded, we are reliable to our client who's the biggest bicycle parts supplier. We supply mounting plate, bearing bushing and different kinds of plastic bicycle parts for our clients. THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.  ✎ATTN: Ms. Sharon Kao ✉E-mail: ➤➤➤Website:

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Basic Information

Company Name THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
Company Location No.107, Zhongzheng Rd., Puyan Village, Puyan Township, 516, Changhua, Taiwan, Taiwan
Business Types Production, Export, OEM Service Offered
Offered Products Micro Automotive Parts, Micro Medical Parts, Micro Mold, Micro Molding, Micro Optics Parts, Micro Plastic Injection Mold, Microelectronics Parts
Offered Services Micro Mold Design, Micro Mold Manufacturing
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Publication Date
April 1, 2020

Update Date
April 9, 2020

Date of expiry
September 29, 2020
Time Left: 129d.