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Plastic fork mould [Art. №  00004924][August 15, 2019]

QX Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd is a professional plastic cutlery mould maker, one of leading mould manufacturers dedicated in making all kinds of plastic disposable cutlery moulds. Namely disposable tableware mould, PP and PS cutlery mould, ice cream…

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Plastic spoon mould [Art. №  00004923][August 15, 2019]

We process knife & fork & spoon mould by high advanced tools and requisite facilities, CNC, milling machine, lathe, grinder, line cutting, EDM, drilling and other equipment. We usually use very good steel for tableware mould, such as 718,…

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Basic Information

Company Name Taizhou Huangyan QX Plastic Cutlery Mould Co.,Ltd.
Company Location Huangyan, 318020, Taizhou, China
Business Types Contract Manufacturing
Offered Products cutlery mould, glasses mould, plastic cup mould, plastic fork mould, plastic knife mould, plastic spoon mould, spork mould, thin wall tray mould
Offered Services 2 plate mould, 3 plate mould, 3D printing, cold runner mould, hot runner mould, injection mould making, mould assembly, Prototype
Year Established 2012
Brand(s) QX mould
Company Website www.cutlerymold.com
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