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Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet 

Inquiry Art. № 00005089
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Detailed Description of the Offer

Shaanxi Tonghui Steel Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese company dedicated to manufacturing, distributing, processing and exporting stainless steel pipes / sheets / coils / bars / profiles / fittings / wires for more than ten years. Our products can be used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery, decoration, construction, engineering, shipbuilding, food and other industries. As a professional stainless steel manufacturer, we also have a variety of Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet for sale. Our Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet is 8K sheet, also called mirror sheet. The surface of the stainless steel plate was polished using a polishing liquid by a polishing apparatus. The 8K mirror panel is corrosion resistant, and the mirror panel can also be processed by plating and etching. It is mainly used for various types of decorative or metal optical products. Brushing refers to the striped texture effect on the surface of stainless steel, which is the most common and widely used surface treatment technology. After brushing the frosted surface of the stainless steel plate, the surface is textured, but without unevenness. It has better performance than ordinary 2B stainless steel surface, because the surface wire drawing treatment can reflect the texture of metal materials. Compared with other textures, the scratches on the surface of the random pattern Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet are easier to repair. Therefore, this type of board is usually used in places with a lot of wear, such as kitchens, houses, public places, etc. In addition, we also have Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, which have smooth surfaces and high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength. It is resistant to acids, salts, alkaline gases, solutions and other media. It is an alloy steel that does not rust easily, which is widely used in industry and construction. If you are interested in our products, please visit:

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Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet

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Company Name Shaanxi Tonghui Steel Co., Ltd.
Company Location 1st Building of Jinqiao International,Fengdong New City, Xian,Shaanxi,China, Xian,Shaanxi,, China
Business Types Agent
Offered Products 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, 304 Stainless Steel Wire
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Publication Date
March 22, 2020

Date of expiry
September 21, 2020
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