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Polyester flat yarn extrusion machine/ flat yarn extrusion machine 

Price including VAT
from  10000,00 to  250000,00 USD / piece
Price excluding VAT
from  8000,00 to  200000,00 USD / piece
Inquiry Art. № 00004772
Brand sino-extrusion
Availability By order
Minimum Order Quantity 1 pcs.
Condition New
Country of Origin China
Production Year 2018
Guarantee 4 years

Detailed Description of the Offer

Sino-extrusion machinery is one of the most professional manufacturers for the Flat yarn making machines in China. Besides the PP material jumbo bag flat yarn extrusion machine, sino extrusion machinery was developed the polyester flat yarn extrusion machine so as to increase the climate adaption for the fabrics and prolong the operation life of the tonner bags. The flat monofilament extrusion machine with the following properties: High denier range and winder quantity are available for designing according to customer’s demands. Non-stop screener changer, makes production efficient. Equips with blower and PID to make double air oven have steady circulation. Stretching roller and forming roller are under temperature-controlled system to ensure the steady of yarn. Whole machine is synchronously controlled by PLC programmable, and easily operated through HMI. Also, recent years, in synthetic turf fibers extrusion machine market, the PP artificial turf production lines and PE artificial grass extrusion machines are very popular, while the short service life with the high frequency to change the artificial turf brought much problems, such as the high cost, much time needed for the turf changing works, etc, so the market eagerly require one kind of artificial grass extrusion machine and recipe to solve this problem. For conquering the weakness of aging easily or short service life of the PP and PE artificial turf monofilament, Sino-Extrusion machinery was newly developed the first polyester Monofilament extruding machine for artificial turf of China. With the second generation of the spinning die in our artificial grass line extruder, the newly designed recipe of the extrusion workmanship combined with our polyester artificial grass turf monofilament yarn extrusion line, the artificial turf monofilament produced by our monofilament turf extrusion machine with the properties of equal color, same size and best physical properties, the service life several times longer than PP and PE artificial turf monofilament. More questions about our monofilament grass extrusion machine, welcome to contact Sino-Extrusion Machinery.

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Basic Information

Company Name Changzhou Sino-Extrusion Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Company Location No.19 of Xi Taihu Road, Wujin Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu, China., 213023, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
Business Types Production
Offered Products Extrusion de produits polymères, fishing net yarn production machines, nylon monofilament extrusion machine, plastic flat yarn extrusion machine, polyester monofilament extrusion machine, PP monofilament extrusion machine, trimmer line production machines, zip wire extrusion machine
Year Established 2010
Leader Yan Yanxing
Brand(s) sino-extrusion
Company Website www.sino-extrusion.com
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Publication Date
November 20, 2018

Date of expiry
May 18, 2019
Time Left: 55d.