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Infusion assembly machine 

Price including VAT
1,00 EUR / piece
Price excluding VAT
100,00 EUR / piece
Inquiry Art. № 00004930
Availability In stock
Condition New
Country of Origin China
Production Year 2004
Guarantee 1 month
GEO Orientation of the Offer AFRICA, AMERICA, ASIA, EUROPE

Detailed Description of the Offer

Infusion assembly machine

Machines of these are with various types1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 60ml, and many products, such as popular type, screw thread, twinset, leaning needle etc.are all could be assembly with this machine.


1.Using microcomputer to control, adopting frequency velocity modulation from Japan Panasonic, this machine is of low power consumption, detected by photo-electric, stop automatically without material, fast speed of assembly.
2.The equipment and product contact parts are made of (304) stainless steel. The transmission belt can be in strict adherence to FDA certification of food transmission belt . Other parts have undergone anti-corrosion treatment and the equipment will not bring about any pollution to the products and clean area.

Technical parameter

Assembling area

1ml 180 branches/min

2-3ml 250branches/min

5ml 250 branches/min

10ml 250 branches/min

20ml 160 branches/min

30ml 150 branches/min

50ml 120 branches/min

Assembling speed

Input 220V50HZ

Machine size 490X230X210cm

Power 2.5kw

Weight 1500kg

Air pressure 0.2-0.4MPa

SQ-60 Six Pars Assembly Machine For Drip Chamber

1.The function of this with mirror to blunt membrane , automatic glue assembly for the small plastic needle, the sheath, air plug (air cover) ,the machine’s surface’s nice and clean, and the advantage is its stable performance and high effciency.
2.Equipment use the Japan Siemens PLC electrical accessories control from Germany Siemens, speed - regulation, fiber control, open and close depending on the material feeding, touch screen operation from Germany Siemens, full computer intelligence operations.
3.All the cylinders are made of SMC brand from Japanese, electromagnetic valce from Taiwan, with functions of good quality, stable performance and preserving easily.
4.All of parts which approaching the equipment made of 304 stainless steel, imported aluminium alloy and NC machining set hole bits.

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Infusion assembly machine

Basic Information

Company Name Yuhuan Heng Xiang Machinery Equipment CO.,LTD.
Company Location ZHEJIANG, TAIZHOU, China
Business Types Wholesale, Purchase
Offered Products IV set machine
Offered Services Syringe machine
Required Products Syringe machine
Year Established 2007
Brand(s) Infusion mould
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Publication Date
September 10, 2019

Date of expiry
March 8, 2020
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