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High Speed Injection Molding Robot 

Inquiry Art. № 00004887
Brand Runma
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Minimum Order Quantity 1 pcs.
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Detailed Description of the Offer

Plastic Injection Molding Robot Provider Offers High Speed Plastic Injection Molding Robot, Double-rail Design, for Machines Ranging from 100 to 500 Ton. Advantages: - Crosswise type - Aluminum alloy double-rails design - Lightweight - High bending strength - Long service life - The traverse guide rail installs manual lubrication system, so it is convenient to maintain. Features: - Applicable to high speed injection machine ranging from 100 ton to 500 ton for products take-out - Vertical arm is telescopic type, with product arm, for two plate mold products take-out. - Minimum take-out time of inside mold: 0.6s - Dry cycle time: 3.8s - Widely used in thin-walled box disposable cutlery industry X-, Y-, Z-axis are driven by AC servo motor, can realize products stacking up on any points inside the mold, as well as at X, Y, Z directions, can cut the runner by scissors driven and inset or embed the accessory by the cylinder. Model A B C D E F G H I J K L RG-800WS(S3) 1300 496 1390 165 185 200 350 1450 2140 RG-900WS(S3) 1310 496 1390 165 185 1450 2140 RG-1100WS(S3) 1400 516 1425 225 245 1700 2380 Model Applied to injection molding machine (ton) Travel (mm) Side posture angle (degree) Max load (including fixture) Time (sec) Driven way Working pressure (kgf/cm2) Air consumption (nl/cycle) Power Power consumption NW (kg) up and down pull out cross traveling take-out empty loop RG-800WS(S3) 150-280 800 550 1450 90 5 0.7 5.8 x, y, z AC servo motor 5-7 8 AC220±10V 50/60HZ 2.5 230 RG-900WS(S3) 200-350 900 550 1450 0.8 6 240 RG-1100WS(S3) 350-550 1100 660 1700 0.8 6 250

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Basic Information

Company Name Runma Molding Robot Automation Co., Ltd.
Company Location Yuning Industrial Zone, Hengli Town, Dongguan, China
Business Types Production, Wholesale, Export
Offered Products 2 Axis Servo Robot, 3 Axis Servo Robot, 5 Axis Servo Robot, Belt Conveyor, In-Mold-Labelling Automation, Injection Machine Robot, Plastic Cutlery Packaging System, Side Entry In Mold Labeling Robot
Year Established 2000
Leader Jeawin Ding
Brand(s) Runma
Company Website www.runmarobot.com
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Publication Date
July 5, 2019

Date of expiry
January 3, 2020
Time Left: 45d.