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350ton servo motor injection molding machine - DY350 

Inquiry Art. № 00004766
Model DY350
Brand DAYA
Availability In stock
Available Quantity 20 pcs.
Minimum Order Quantity 1 pcs.
Condition New
Country of Origin China
Guarantee 12 months
Packaging Dimensions (L*W*H) 730 x 180 x 220 millimeters
Net weight 12,5 tons
GEO Orientation of the Offer AFRICA, AMERICA, ASIA, EUROPE


Drive System Hydraulic

Detailed Description of the Offer

High Precision DAYA brandi njection molding machine for stable precision injection molding, we did many special design, so as to ensure the user to get the required precision plastic parts repeartly. Five-point double toggle diagonal structure, tempalate design by computer optimization Mechanic,electronic & hydraulic triple interlock safety protection function sensitive low-pressure mold protection device-eject multiple stages control for mold opening, clamping pressure. hydraulic motor-driving gear mold adjustment sepcial technique treatment, reliable strength automatic centralized lubrication system mold open and clamping, ejecting position controller by tranduscer automatic mold adjustment function robot interface core pulling device is suitable for the complicate structure Easy usage compared to common injection molding machine of calculation speed of less than 32MHZ, it is more than 400MHZ with the precision, which are of high request in respons and very function. Easy operation for all users with large color screen and friendly operation interface. special PLC computer for plastic injection molding machine. control and display relatively independent with high reliablility. technical parameters pre-setting and storage function parameters informetion protection function charging barrel temperature deviation automatic adjustment function abnormal alarm function front and rear door emergency stop button timely monitoring can display the condition of each motion electrical motor safety protection device robot interface material feeding photoelectric switch system hardware I/Q detection function charging barrel temperature is controlled accurated by computer setting and PID closed -loop manner screen protection function,prolong the life of screen using full-enclosed electrical -controlled box, electrical components are neatly arranged, never interfere with each other Energy saving servo energy -saving injection molding machine. there is no extra energy consumption due to putput olume chages according to the load. the servo motor doesn't work during the cooling time, and the electric consumption is 0. servo model injection molding maachine can save 20% ~80% energy compared to normal machine.


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Company Location SHOUNAN, NINGBO, China
Business Types Production, Distributor, Export, Services
Offered Products chillers, Crusher, injection molding machine, Injection moulding machines, Plastic Injection Molding Machines, Plastic Injection Molds, Robots
Offered Services injection molding machine, injection moulding machine, Plastic Injection Molding Machines
Year Established 1999
Brand(s) DAYA
Company Website www.dayamachinery.com
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Publication Date
November 17, 2018

Update Date
November 18, 2018

Date of expiry
May 15, 2019
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