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Pump Tube [Art. №  00005021][October 31, 2019]

And our pump tube is widely used for the packing of liquids or paste product in cosmetic, daily commodity, medicine, detergent and food. Its tube is made of PE while its cap is made of PP. And it has three kinds of shapes: round, oval and super-oval…

Category: Plastic… » Blow… » Extrusion Blow Molding Machines
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Metal Cosmetic Tubes [Art. №  00005020][October 31, 2019]

As one of the largest cosmetic tubes manufacturers and suppliers in China, Amy Plastic now brings you a great selection of quality aluminum tube made in China with low price. Our metal cosmetic tubes are of best price. They come in a variety of…

Category: Plastic… » Blow… » Extrusion Blow Molding Machines
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Polyfoil Tube [Art. №  00005019][October 31, 2019]

Polyfoil tube so-called, is made of PE+Aluminum. The polyfoil tube we provide has a lot of advantages. It is 100% new and has high quality. It has good protection measure and light weight. It is made of aluminum metal, which is recyclable and…

Category: Plastic Processing Machinery » Compression Molding Machines
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Laminated Tube [Art. №  00005018][October 31, 2019]

We provide best laminated tube. ABL or PBL tube can make vivid decoration for complex colors specially for eye cream packing tube. The welding line of plastic laminated tube is very nice and flat. And it is of high productivity, superior service and…

Category: Plastic… » Blow… » Extrusion Blow Molding Machines
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Tubes of Other Type Cap [Art. №  00005017][October 31, 2019]

We supply plastic packaging tube which is made of PE and laminated material. It can be used for different industries, such as cosmetics, food, detergent and pharmaceuticals etc. We could offer many kinds of plastic tube specifications according to…

Category: Plastic… » Blow… » Extrusion Blow Molding Machines
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Flat/Oval Tubes [Art. №  00005016][October 31, 2019]

Cosmetic plastic tube we provide is practical. It is suitable for cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, personal care, household product and Industrial products. We provide many kinds of processing: frosted finish, bronzing and silvering and other…

Category: Polymer… » Design… » Design of Packings
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Injection Molding [Art. №  00004836][March 19, 2019]

Injection Molding, Plastic Moulding, Die Casting Molding, Automotive Molding, Medical Injection Molding.

Category: Plastic & Rubber Moulds, Dies & Tooling » Plastic Injection Molds
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