zhejiang meitong conductor technology co.,ltd from ashmore and cartier islands Plastic & Rubber Industry
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Zhejiang Meitong Conductor Technology Co.,ltd

About Company

Zhejiang Meitong Conductor Technology Co., Ltd.is China Cable Conductor Material Manufacturers and Cable Conductor Materials factory of superior quality of metal conductor CAT5E Cable manufacturers and cables for world-wide markets. Established since 2008, we specializes in the manufacturing & supply of Cable Conductor Material,Copper Claded Steel(CCS) wire, Network Cables,Audio&Speaker cables, Coaxial Cables..etc. We`ve exported our products to Germany,Czech,United States,Mexico,Brazil,South Africa,Dubai...etc. We are ISO 9001 accredited for our quality, in addition of CE and RHOS.With emphasis wholesale RG6 cables on stringent quality control , we provide our customers with a guarantee of Cable Conductor Material wholesale excellence and reliability.

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Basic Information

Company Name Zhejiang Meitong Conductor Technology Co.,ltd
Company Location huzhou, huzhou, Ashmore and Cartier Islands
Business Types Import
Offered Products CCS Stranded Wire
Year Established 2007
Company Website www.meitongtech.com/

Ownership & Capital

Ownership Type Unitary Enterprise

Trade & Markets

Main Markets Ireland
Currency Type ISK

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Member Since September 5, 2019
Last Visit Date September 5, 2019 (11m ago)
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Ashmore and Cartier Islands
Ashmore and Cartier Islands
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September 5, 2019