zhejiang lianxiang hardware science and technology co.,ltd from antigua and barbuda Plastic & Rubber Industry
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Zhejiang Lianxiang Hardware Science and Technology Co.,Ltd

About Company

Our new support and hanging systems represent innovation and time-saving. We can provide you the best example of construction while you are pursuing for all regulations and certifications.We make everything easy, helping you find the best installation solution that you need. Our products have different finish, like hot dip galvanizing, powder coating, strut clamps zinc plated, etc. Our products are strictly tested. Many of them have got UL and FM approved, the innovation design makes the installation easier and quicker.Besides our saving time and energy solutions, we also provide excellent technology supporting service in special environment of hanging fields.The future market belongs to Lianxiang!We are your most reliable brand!

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Basic Information

Company Name Zhejiang Lianxiang Hardware Science and Technology Co.,Ltd
Company Location zhejiang, zhejaing, Antigua and Barbuda
Business Types Production, Purchase
Offered Products strut channel, strut fitting
Year Established 1998
Company Website www.cnlianxiang.com/

Ownership & Capital

Ownership Type Unitary Enterprise

Trade & Markets

Main Markets Ireland, Croatia
Currency Type BGN

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Member Since April 15, 2019
Last Visit Date April 15, 2019 (10m ago)
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Antigua and Barbuda
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April 15, 2019