zhejiang hengyuan chemical fiber group co.,ltd from china Plastic & Rubber Industry
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Zhejiang Hengyuan Chemical Fiber Group Co.,Ltd

About Company

ZHEJIANG HENGYUAN CHEMICAL FIBER GROUP CO.,LTD.Established in 2006 ,located in YaQianTown Xiaoshan Hangzhou – One of the Center of polyester yarn Blanket Yarns ManufacturersIndustry in China. It covering the land of 120 thousand square meter and with the building area of 150 thousand of square meter .It got of 6 branch company holding the 150 million USD of total assets and of 1000 staff .we have two Polyester yarn company and two fabric textile company with the capacity of 150 thousandChina Wholesale Polyester POY Yarns suppliers tons of polyester yarn and 50 million m/yr of various pure and T/R elastic fabrics .. which specialized in polyester yarn FDY POY DTY, from30D to 600D both raw-white and dope-dyed Colors yearly .which it is widely used in all kinds of fabric Such as upholstery cloth .blanket carpet...

Company Profile

Basic Information

Company Name Zhejiang Hengyuan Chemical Fiber Group Co.,Ltd
Company Location Yaqian Road No128 Yaqian Town Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China
Business Types Contract Manufacturing
Offered Products carpet yarn
Company Website www.zjhy-group.com/product/blanket-yarn-series.html

Ownership & Capital

Ownership Type Public company

Trade & Markets

Main Markets AFRICA
Currency Type EUR

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Member Since May 18, 2020
Last Visit Date May 18, 2020 (6d ago)
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