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Shenzhen QianwanZai Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

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Optical fiber connectors, commonly known as connectors,have been proposed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as "passive components for the stable, but not permanent connection of two or more optical fibers" (CCITT’s Study Group VI was passed in Geneva in March 1992). It is used for the detachable (active) connection between the optical fiber. It precisely butt-joins the two ends of the fiber, so that the light energy output from the emitting fiber Quick Connector can be coupled into the receiving fiber to the utmost, and the impact on the system due to its intervention in the optical link is minimized. An optical fiber active connector is a passive optical device that realizes active connection between optical fibers. It also has the function of connecting optical fibers with active devices, optical fibers and other passive devices, optical fibers, and systems and meters. The active connector has developed along with the development of optical communication, and now has formed a complete range of system products of various types,which is one of the indispensable and widely used basic components in the field of optical fiber applications.optical Physical Contact(PC) Although optical fiber (cable) moving connectors vary widely in structure and variety, they can be divided into the following parts according to their functions: connector plugs, fiber jumpers, converters, matrix converter and so on. These components can be used individually as a device or they can be used together as a component. In fact, an active connector customarily refers to two connector plugs and plus one converter.

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Company Name Shenzhen QianwanZai Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Location SHENZHEN, SHENZHEN, American Samoa
Business Types Export, Import
Offered Products Quick Connector
Year Established 2002
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Ownership Type Unitary Enterprise

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Main Markets Czech Republic
Currency Type KES

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