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Seko Plastic Co ltd

About Company

Taizhou Seko Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, researcher and developer of pipes fittings. In 2002, we started the production of PVC Pipe Fittings, and we are the first manufactory in China who doing these products. More than 15years keep on developing and doing same things, we become a professor. Meanwhile we developed to making PPR fittings, PVC fittings and valves, and irrigation fittings. Now we become one of the leader at our field in the world. Also we help the customers to design their products and the molds.

We insist on using the first-class hardware and software equipments, the first-class production system and making the first-class products. It is not only the demands of customers but also of Seko to make sure the products to have the international quality by importing advanced equipments, investing in scientific research, checking on the product quality strictly and making sure it can be better. Paying attention to every detail of the making process we try everything to do best and ensure every customer to have service guarantee of supreme quality. First-class facilities make the first-class products.


PVC Pipe Fittings Specifications: 20mm--110mm Pressure piping applications Ease of installation Water distribution,Irrigation SEKO PP compression fittings allows the maximum working pressure(PN~PFA*) of 16 bar(UNI 9562) for diameters from 16mm to 63mm and PN10 bar for diameters from 75mm to 110mm, at the temperature of 20°C.Maximum allowable working pressures related to the duration of pressure and temperature: PVC-U water supply pipe and fittings, as a well developed water supply pipe, has the feature of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, high intensity, light quality, low price, small fluid resistance, no secondary pollution. It is in line with the hygiene requirements and it has superior performance of convenient construction and operation. PVC-U environmental water supply system has been used for decades in Europe and the United States and it has become the most common and widely used water supply system. PVC PRESSURE PIPE FITTINGS ASTM D 1785 SCH40

Company Profile

Basic Information

Company Name Seko Plastic Co ltd
Company Location ZHEJIANG, 318020, TAIZHOU, China
Business Types Retail, Services
Offered Products Plastic Valve
Offered Services PVC Pipe Fittings
Required Products PP Compression Fittings
Required Services PPR Fittings
Year Established 1991
Brand(s) Plastic Faucets
Company Website

Ownership & Capital

Ownership Type Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Registered Capital 6.000.000 - 6.999.999 AED

Trade & Markets

Annual Turnover 3.000.000 - 3.999.999 BIF
Main Customer(s) ASIA
Currency Type EUR, USD

Additional Information

Factory Size (square meters) 101 - 500

Member Info

Member Since December 10, 2018
Last Visit Date December 10, 2018 (6m ago)
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December 10, 2018