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About Company

China injection mould maker MINGYU MOULD was founded in 1998 and located in Ningbo,China. Since it came into plastic mouldand plastic molding business, the company has shown promising growth each year . What makes us unique? With so many others in the business, what is it that has made us this successful in all these years? Let us take a look at some features that make us unique and a preferred choice for our customers. It all starts with the factory Out mold factory is clean, everything is well orderly and properly managed. When it comes to the technology we use, we make sure that at MINGYU MOULD we use nothing but only the most advanced and high technology available, be it for software or hardware systems around the factory. This helps us take control of the quality of injection mold we produce. To make good quality molds and parts, we use a High-speed FUNAC CNC machine which was imported straight from Japan with over 24,000 rotate speed. Moreover, we have two big CNC machines over 2 meter strokes, full automatic Three coordinates measuring(CMM) machine to ensure that our processes are fast, efficient and precision. Those high tech equipment plus our professional team help us to meet our targets. Professional team We have over 35 staff members in our factory and each one is an expert in his field; fully qualified to handle the different aspects involved in the mold making processes. From producing to managing the business, the team has been selected carefully to allow growth and give our customers the premium quality products. All the Engineer members of our team have a good command over the English language to ensure effective technical communication for a rich experience in the mold project. Even you are not good at with plastic molds and part design, our team will lead you and think very details as your behalf, It will help your project going smoothly and successful. Various products When it comes to plastic injection mold and molding parts, we qualify in a lot of fields and are an expert in each one of them. The molds and molding parts we produce are used by consumers, in household appliances, industries, food packaging, automobiles and as interior parts in car etc. Our team puts in the same amount of attention and hard work in each one of these molds to maintain our loyal customer base. Customer satisfaction We realize the importance of keeping our customers happy and thus never compromise on quality. Our molds last a long lifetime and always pass each and every expectation our customers might have of them. The molds we make a pass every test they are put through and are accepted by customers from all fields equally well. Affordable With the quality we provide, one might expect our products to cost a fortune but this is not so. All our products are priced very strategically to have market competitive prices. The quality we produce is available at reasonable rates and this is what has our customers choosing us time after time. Customer service Unlike other brands, we do not forget our customers even after the products have been sold. We provide efficient customer care services and our staff is always ready to help before, during or even after the sales have been made. For us, we are not only the suppliers to the customers. Being on their side, we make every possible effort to ensure customer satisfaction. This is made possible by keeping transparency in a communication system and ensuring a quick response to all problems they encounter. So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with our team right away and have them guide you on the best molds and parts that you can buy for your use. For us you are important and this will be obvious once you get to do business with us. Looking Forwarder to cooperating with you!


Plastic injection mold, Automotive parts mold, Auto mould, Home appliance mold, electrical appliance mould, Electronic parts mold, Precision mold

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Company Location B3 ninghai, 315600, NINGBO, ZHEJIANG, China
Business Types Production, Export, Services
Offered Products Injection mold, Plastic Mold, plastic mold maker, plastic molding, plastic mould
Offered Services Plastic Mold, plastic molding
Year Established 1998
Brand(s) MINGYU
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Ownership Type Limited Liability Company (LLC)

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Currency Type USD

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Factory Size (square meters) 5.001 - 10.000
Number of Production Lines 3
Number of Employees 11 - 50
Research & Development Staff (number) 1 - 5
Quality Control Staff (number) 1 - 5
Management Certification ISO 9001

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