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Suzhou Hongshuo Elastomer Technology Co., Ltd.

Offered Products: TPE compounds, TPR compounds

Business Type: Export

Member Since: August 10, 2018 Contact


Offered Products: Injection mold, Plastic Mold, plastic mold maker, plastic molding, plastic mould

Offered Services: Plastic Mold, plastic molding

Business Type: Production,  Export,  Services

Member Since: December 24, 2018Year Established 1998 Contact

Canvard Packaging International Co.,Ltd

Offered Products: aluminum plastic tube, cosmetic tube, soft tube

Business Type: Production

Member Since: August 8, 2017Year Established 2011 Contact

Dongguan Luteli Plastic Products Co.,Ltd

Offered Products: plastic cosmetic bottle, plastic food bottle, plastic food cans, plastic food container, plastic food jar, plastic health product bottle, plastic juice bottle, plastic lotion bottle, plastic medicine bottle, plastic nutritional supplements bottle, plastic perfume bottle, plastic water bottle

Offered Services: hot stamping, Inspection products, label printing and pasting, logistic, OEM service, open new mold, screen printing, search other product

Business Type: Production,  Wholesale,  Export,  Services

Member Since: August 24, 2018Year Established 2018 Contact

Sharetrade Artificial Plant and Tree Co., Ltd

Offered Products: artificial bonsai, artificial flower, artificial plant, artiticial tree, plastic tree

Business Type: Production

Member Since: March 22, 2018 Contact

China Topper Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Company

Offered Products: Aluminum Alloy Casting, Aluminum Alloy Die Casting, die cast, Die Casting

Business Type: Export

Member Since: August 4, 2018Year Established 2002 Contact

Toppla Portable Toilet Co., Ltd

Offered Products: mobile toilet, portable restroom, portable toilet, portable urinal

Business Type: Production

Member Since: August 13, 2018Year Established 2005 Contact

Topper Farm Supplies Manufacturer Co., Ltd

Offered Products: greenhouse farming, greenhouse planting, tomato clips

Business Type: Production

Member Since: July 23, 2018Year Established 1996 Contact


Offered Products: Arsa-Elast, Arsa-Flex, Arsa-Prene, Arsalene, Arsamide, Arsapylene

Business Type: Production,  Distributor,  Export

Member Since: September 8, 2018Year Established 2013 Contact


Offered Products: chillers, Crusher, injection molding machine, Injection moulding machines, Plastic Injection Molding Machines, Plastic Injection Molds, Robots

Offered Services: injection molding machine, injection moulding machine, Plastic Injection Molding Machines

Business Type: Production,  Distributor,  Export,  Services

Member Since: November 17, 2018Year Established 1999 Contact

Changzhou Sino-Extrusion Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

Offered Products: Extrusion de produits polymères, fishing net yarn production machines, nylon monofilament extrusion machine, plastic flat yarn extrusion machine, polyester monofilament extrusion machine, PP monofilament extrusion machine, trimmer line production machines, zip wire extrusion machine

Business Type: Production

Member Since: November 20, 2018Year Established 2010 Contact

Toppla ABS HEDP Plastic Locker Manufacturer Co., Ltd

Offered Products: plastic locker, plastic mini locker, Storage Cabinet, Storage Locker

Business Type: Production,  Export

Member Since: September 4, 2018Year Established 2005 Contact

Sino Cement Spare Parts Supplier Co Ltd

Offered Products: cement plant spare, cement plant spare part

Business Type: Production,  Wholesale,  Distributor,  Services

Member Since: December 17, 2018Year Established 2010 Contact


Offered Products: Copper cathodes scrap, Copper wire scrap, CPU gold scrap, Drenied Battery scrap, Fridge/ac compressor scrap, HMS 1&2 scraps

Offered Services: Aluminum can scrap UBC

Business Type: Production,  Wholesale,  Dealer,  Export,  Contract Manufacturing,  Buyer Label Offered

Member Since: October 14, 2018Year Established 2010 Contact

MZ Kids Wear Swimwear Manufacturer (China) Co., Ltd.

Offered Products: adult wear, kids wear, swimwear

Business Type: Production,  Wholesale

Member Since: October 14, 2017Year Established 1998 Contact

XG Sciences

Offered Products: Composites, Custom Products, Masterbatches, PET fakes/pellets, Polyethylene, Polypropylene

Business Type: Production,  Distributor,  Export,  Import

United StatesUnited States
Member Since: September 13, 2018Year Established 2006 Contact

Antonio Espanae Hijos S.L.

Required Products: HDPEPP, LLDPE, PMMA, POS, PP, PPO, PPS, TPE

Required Services: HDPE, LLDPE, PA, PE, PP, TPU

Offered Products: HDPE, HIPS, LLDPE, POM, PP, PTFE, PVB, PVC

Offered Services: HDPE, LLDPE, PA, PBT, PET, PTFE, SBS

Business Type: Production,  Wholesale,  Dealer,  Distributor,  Export,  Import,  Services

Member Since: September 15, 2018Year Established 2015 Contact

Topper Floating Solar PV Mounting Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Offered Products: Floating Maintenance Aisle Buoyancy, Floating PV Power Plant System, Floating Solar Panel Mounting System, Floating Solar Power Farm System, Main Floating Supporting Body, Modular Plastic Floating Marina Dock, PP Plastic Rooftop Solar Panel Support, Solar PV Rooftop Power Systems, Water-Mounted Solar Power System

Business Type: Production,  Wholesale,  Export,  OEM Service Offered

Member Since: November 21, 2018 Contact

Danzaplast GmbH & Co .KG

Required Products: Dryers, Feeders, Robots chillers, Second-hand machinery, Used injection molding machine

Offered Products: Dryers, Feeders, Robots chillers, Second-hand machinery, Used injection molding m

Business Type: Distributor,  Export,  Import

Member Since: August 23, 2010Year Established 2000 Contact

Dexsen Company

Offered Products: products for extrusion

Offered Services: services for extrusion

Business Type: Production,  Contract Manufacturing

    Member Since: August 23, 2010Year Established 2002 Contact
      1281 Companies
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